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昨日のことだけど、Mo'chanと一緒にTerre Thaemlitzの「soulnessless」という映像作品を見にいった。



[[ STOP THE OLYMPICS  short text for Sphere radio 's MO'chan's programm ]]







2021年 7月28日



Yesterday, Mo'chan and I went to see Terre Thaemlitz's film "soulnessless".
It was great.
On the way home on our bikes Mo'chan asked me if I want to say something on the radio against the Olympics.
Hmmm, what should I say? But I decided to join in.
While I was eating a sandwich at Mocchan's house, with only 40 minutes to go on air, I hurriedly wrote this text and translated it with deepL.
The Olympic Games are still being held in Japan.
Of course, the number of infected people, even those who are involved in the Olympics, who are given special treatment , is over 100 now, and I am already against the Olympics in such a situation, sure.
plus from its inception, from how it came to be, the Olympic Games have been riddled with problems and corruption.
What I want to see is a different shape of sport.


[[ STOP THE OLYMPICS  short text for Sphere radio 's MO'chan's programm ]]

I had never really thought about the Olympics until Japan decided to have them in Tokyo.
I don't like sports so much. I especially hated marathons when I was a kid.

Why did I have to be so nervous when I was waiting for the ready steady go! ?
I used to get depressed the day before, imagining that moment.
My tummy ached, I felt awful and I was always running the last.
The route was on a public road in our area, with our parents or neighbors watching us.
I was embarrassed to expose running the last. I felt sorry for my mum.
I was always acting like,  I can run faster but today I have a tummy ache that's why I'm in the loser group.

I wonder if that miserable experience has any positive effect on me now.

In the year 2021, we all  talk about equality. there is a criticism of meritocracy.
I have always lived in a world where being strong, fast and high is considered good.
Is that the most important thing?
When I think about this, I feel the need to rethink how the Olympics should be.

I heard that in Ontario, Canada, some schools have made it a goal of their physical education classes
to provide a place where students of diverse backgrounds and bodies can learn and play together,
by minimizing the skill gaps that are often created by gender and economic status.
A ball game with a non-round ball? etc.
Just hearing about it makes me laugh and smile. It sounds simply interesting.

I feel that this kind of experimental thing has more future and diversity and inclusive than the Olympics.

thank you!

28th July 2021


p.s  i found a nice article from Guardian
After Tokyo, we should bring the Olympic charade to an end