ABOUT ROKU  (日本語は下にあります)

I love to eat yummy food.

I came to Berlin in 2012 Feb. 

in Japan we had a disaster in Fukushima on 11th March, 2011. (Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear power plant's explosion) After this, I realized many things that I never thought about - government, system and society - . i was in constant strong anger for 6months. then i decided to move out somewhere else. by that time, I was cooking at my own Izakaya style small bar-restaurant in Shibuya Tokyo. but i quickly closed the shop and came to Berlin.

Why Berlin? I felt may be it's good for me, because it seemed not so expensive, has much sub-cultures and A. Merkel who is a "woman" prime minister said she will stop all nuclear power plants.

After Fukushima, I started to care about food. What I want to eat.

After I moved to Berlin, I became vegetarian and bio-person. Because i don't like the contemporary way to "produce" meat. i don't want to steal their freedom of bathing in the sun or running on the grasses or having a warm feeling to be together with their mum or...  those basic pleasures / joys of life. and i prefer organic  rather than genetically modified, grown up veggies with pesticides. and I know organic veggies are yummy from my personal experiences.

I am not Vegan.

Already it is scientifically proven that plants feel something when they are hurted. They also can communicate with other plants when they are in danger . send signal then the other plants can react and stop to grow. so we can't make borders like "Plants is OK, cause they don't feel, but meat is murder". but we need to eat something to live. What should I eat... then I decided to eat organic veggies. sometimes eggs or fish. because sometimes I feel dizzy. may be it is because i lack vitamin b12?  for vitamin b12 i eat egg and fish or cheese but not too much. i always have oat milk in my coffee. my standing position is like this now. (I ate bit of wild pork from a hunter 2 times in 2019. of course I know meat is yum.)

But I really love to eat Vegan.

recently in Berlin, there is so much new vegan products in bio shops. exciting to try new stuff. It is really fun. Sometimes i experience a totally new flavor! If it's yummy or super strange! lol. I think vegan food is future food. Very modern, creative and much more interesting than meat made from mass production farms.

I am greedy for UMAMI!

I want to make deep Umami. My food is often not so fancy, but I aim sophisticated tastes. Sometimes experimental.

Akko / ROKU Berlin  march.2020
















あっこ/ROKU Berlin 2020年3月