amazing vegan beet roots choco cake secret recipe 8th November 2021

I made very nice new recipe.
Why I'm so exciting? because it is vegan, and healthy(Beets are the most contained of the ingredients!), but super yummy!!!

I was thinking like I don't want to tell this to anyone! anyone can’t steal this recipe from me!
but it is such a stingy feeling, so I will share this really happy recipe to you❤️


To the person who first put beets in the chocolate cake, thank you so much, you've made this recipe possible!


amazing vegan beet roots choco cake (About 10-12 cupcake molds)

1.Steam 350g-400g of beets with their skins for at least 20 minutes, peel them when they can be peeled by hand easily, and make a paste with a bar mix. (need 300g)

2.Heat 140 ml olive oil and 100 g roughly breaked chocolate over low heat and mix well.(PS: You can reduce the oil to 100 ml, and add water to that amount. also you can reduce chocolate till 60g was yummy. I think too much cacao consuming is ... ... so pls find your taste.)

3.Mix together 200g wholemeal spelt flour, 150-175g unrefined sugar, 60g cacao, 3/4teaspoon salt and 2 teaspoons baking powder (or none). The amount of sugar can be adjusted to your taste as how much beets are sweet.

4.Mix 195 ml of oat milk into the oil, then mix well with the beets.
Mix into the flour and place in a baking pan with baking paper or mold. Bake at 175 degrees for 25 minutes.

5.It's great on its own, but when it's off the heat, I put some homemade grape jam in between it and topped it with some vegan cream, and it became a really great dessert.  from next day is the best.

vegan cream recommendation. (unfortunately not bio tho. this has no stink, and very hard stand!)