summer is already starting to leave.
tomatoes, zucchinis, beans are on fire🔥
arriving so much summer veggies from farm these days, it is too much!
so I made caponata/ratatouille every week this month.
I will share my recipe here.

do you know the difference in between caponata and ratatouille?
I love to add balsamic vinegar in the end. so my one is caponata feeling may be?




-garlic 4cloves
-chili if you like
-leek 〜1
-onion 1-2
-zucchini 2
-green beans 1bunch
-tomato 5〜
(if you have Aubergine, celery, paprika pls add)
-olive oil
-laurel 1-2
-oregano and thyme 2〜pinch each
-black pepper
-balsamic vinegar

1.chop garlic finely

2.chop all veggies in bite sized

3. put 2 big spoon of olive oil in a big pot and add garlic and chili, fry with middle heat, add leek and onion and fry until onion get translucent

4. put 2 big spoon olive oil in a pan and fry zucchini until getting brownish and add in the pan

5. put 2big spoon of olive oil in a pan again and fry beans, do same as zucchini. also aubergine and celery if you have.

6. add tomato and 3〜small spoon of salt, laurel, oregano, thyme in a pot and cook for a while with lid. with low-middle heat.

7. after about 30min, add 2big spoon of balsamic vinegar. taste it and add more salt and vinegar as you like. better make taste lil bit stronger. down till room temperature. if you want to eat it cold leave it in fridge for a while. can add basil, coriander leaf, parsley, your favorite herbs🍀 and black pepper on top.