🔶🔶How to use CURRY CUBE ?🔶🔶 12th August 2020


how to use 🍛🍛🍛CURRY CUBE 🔶🔶🔶

1CUBE is for 3-4potion

1-2tbs oil in a pot.
if you like garlic, add chopped garlic.
if you like hot pls add chili. (cube is not so hot)
add your favorite veggies, and one-two pinch of salt--- I recommend to use onion and tomato for sure, and potato.
I liked green beans and fennel together :) in the photo, I used beets and zucchini and basil.---

cook for a while untill the surface stained by oil.
add water and boil till the veggies get soft.
cut the heat, add curry cube, crumble in,  and make it melt.
put the heat again. cook for a while. add water if you need to make your favorite consistency.
check the taste and pls add some salt (less salt in the cube).
if you have garam masala, you can add at the last for some more punch, fresh flavour and check the taste!

next day, it will get more yummy.
in Japan we say "second day's curry is the best" haha. very famous lines!

as I use chick pea for base
it will make thick and bit creamy curry. this is very japanese style.
(normally we have flour in the cube, but I used chick pea instead cause I wanted to make it gluten free.)

thank you for reading! hope you will be able to enjoy❤️

((( ingredients )))

chick pea
coconuts oil
olive oil
mustard seed