cheese without annoying plastic nicely fit with cheese when the cork get big and can't push in the bottle

🐝🐝🐝BEES WAX WRAP ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

bees wax wrap is an alternative to plastic wrap.
my friend (she is making bag → GCMF) recommended it on Facebook, then I tried.
this is amazing. I m using this since more than 1 year, I am still very happy.
nice texture and also smell ! it has kind of shaping memory function!! 
fitting with everything :)
bees wax has bactericidal action.
you can't use for hot stuff but just need to cool down the food, wash with water. no prob.
I want to choose this "need some care" way than always "quick! fast! easy! cheap! it's ok if it's break because it's cheap! " life style.
it is saying we can use this for 1 year if we take care of it.

there is many different company. I use this but it is because I could get it at my daily organic shop.

you can find it in your country.


also you can make by your self!
nice to DIY if you have too much time at home like now!
 there is many recipe site you can find.
for example here

Bees are very important existence for nature, our environment.
they carry pollens in between plants.
bees pollinate one-third of the world's crops, for example these crops produce fruits after pollination.
🍎🥜🍫🥕🍒🍆 🎃🍉🍊

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