for corona crisis 1st April 2020

hi everyone ?

we are in very new situation this moment. nobody experienced before.

I dunno but it seems like takes for a while to handle virus by human society. I feel virus is tiny but very strong and it's nature's power.

( In japan we have an idea that nature is the god. it is bigger than us and we can't handle it. so we respect and afraid nature at the same time. therefore Ocean, Mountain, Sun, Wind... all are gods in Japan. and also Trees or Animals or so on. we have so many gods. Fox (Kitsune=also means fried tofu, from colour??) is a very famous god’s angel for money/business. so virus is also some god or angel... ? )

in this situation, if someone want some help of cooking, just let me know.

please e mail me.

i don't know what kind of needs you have, so just talk openly!