The creation of UMAMI that is sandwiched between desire and self-control 1.May 2019

vegan sausage and cheese

for the food Zine  「唇とベロ」 Lippen und Zunge  May.2019
Vegan recipes from Non Vegan issue


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1, May 2019
MISSREAD ブックフェア用のzineに書いたもの。メインの写真は70年代?Hermann Nitschのパフォーマンスより)


The creation of UMAMI that is sandwiched between desire and self-control

I call my self a vegetarian not a vegan. Besides, it is rare, but I try a little bit if I luckily get meat directly from Hunter (maybe 1 or 2 times a year?). Unfortunately we don't have so many good fish in Berlin. I go to a fish shop and buy it may be once in a couple of months. (I want to eat more and I feel may be it’s better for my health tho)

One of my friend in Berlin had stop to be a vegan after 12 years of Vegan life. When I heard that, I thought, "Hmm, One can quit vegan.”
I had an image that one can not quit it because it is a kind of Ideology, or basic thought. May be it is, but I realized that you can change your statement again also. it is nothing weird. this makes my feeling lighter. After that, I met a lot of other people who is floating in between Vegan and Omnivore. I feel its very modern.

I basically don't eat meat. The modern way to produce meat = animals  in a factory seems to be dictatorship or treat them harder than slaves. Even though the earth is influenced by the existence of all sorts of living things. Humans have almost no enemy. Humans possess weapons and manipulate machines and behave like a king. I feel.

Recently my friend who was close to me passed away because of cancer. I was shocked when I saw the body. His body was dark green and I think he was 43 but could only look over 90 years old. Cancer eats people from inside. Human beings are acting like a king, so it may be possible to have a disease like cancer to balance, push back our dictatorship. I thought about that. The shock at that time is still stuck in my chest.

when think about the process of how to produce, it seems like a greedy fat noble if you eat meat, fish, egg and milk every day. I do not want to forget the modest attitude or respect for the other species. I want to think about what I am eating. How it made. How good for my health. If it is modest or not.

I‘m happy to eat Vegan meal as modest meal. and I am fascinated by the passion of the people who make vegan products and the new foods created by them. Including surprises that sometimes hit a crazy bad taste fancy new products.

1, May 2019
(from a zine  Lippen und Zunge 2019 for MISSREAD book fair. Main photo is from Hermann Nitsch's performance in 70's?)